Summer is ending and the anticipation of fall is really getting to me.  Just like the tacky Staples commercial, I love back to school shopping and notebooks and pens.  It really is in my view the most “wonderful time of the year”.  But this year is a bit different.  I am going back to school!  Yes,  I’m looking to get my business degree so that I can pay bills with fervor!  BUT – I have found this new thing right here on the internet that is giving me so much hope and excitement that the back to school thing is getting in the way.  I’ll confess, I’ve became a lurker.  I have found a whole world out there in blogging land that is so inspiring.  There are lots of amazing women who are encouraging others to attempt to do that which they think they can’t.  And be Proud of the attempt!

So I’m thinking and reflecting on what it means to be me with all this creative energy trying to coming out.   Do I write, take pictures, play piano, teach piano, trade stocks or even organize my cupboards?!

Who are you?  What have you always wanted to do but been to afraid to do?  I’m starting there.

tays in the win'