We have officially lived in BC for a year!  Looking back I have seen a paradigm shift in almost all of our lives in some way or another.  Saskatchewan seems to be real only in memory now.  For the longest time BC was the surreal and what we knew to be true was our friends, home, and farm that existed in Pike Lake.  Every sub-culture has their own norms or mores.  We thought it was strange to see all these “runners” on the road at 8am but now that’s normal!  You run early to avoid the heat, and because the extra curricular here is hiking, biking, and beach volleyball.  All of which require a fit body.  (If I only knew!)  In SK you lived in parkas on the back of skidoo’s which simply required insulation.

So where to now?  This fall I’m back to school and have to face 18 year olds and their cell phones.  Remember, the means to an end!  Change is good, besides, isn’t fall pretty.  I can’t wait to take pictures of the gorgeous colors.  Stay tuned for those.

And here is my changing girls – getting older!