My oldest daughter just bought the newest and brightest pair of shoes.  We spent hours trying on shoes, traveling to different stores, and finally at the small Vernon Village Green Mall we found THE pair.  This particular daughter has specific tastes and refuses to settle when she has her mind made up.  So when we found the bright neon pink converse shoes I flashbacked to my highschool years.  The teased bangs and tights covered up with baggy knit sweaters. We completed the outfit by synching up our waists with a belt and added double wrapped pearls around our neck.

At this point I look around at the majority of the teens walking around the mall and realized they are partying like its 1989!  The world has revolved  back to the same place yet a bit different.  The lipstick’s a bit less shiny and the bangs are flat.  There’s no more high waisted jeans to be found on the racks.  Thank goodness!

“Do you like them mom?” she asks.

“Whatever makes you smile” I reply.  You only live once.

25 years ago I chose to quit piano and pursue other things.  A decision that hindsight clearly was wrong but was oh so right.  Ebb and flow.  Push and pull.   Life is not like a box of chocolates – it’s like a teeter totter.  A constant balancing of time and energy, resourses and reality.  Wave is not taking dance lessons anymore.  There will be no year end performance with all the bright lights. No applause as we admire her glide across the stage perfectly in sync with the music and her team.  No more shiny sequin costumes to sew and pinned up hair to vaseline back.  I mourn as she does.  BUT…

Take a look at these shoes!  Put on your sunglasses…and smile 🙂