“Being creative is an everyday thing, a job with its own routines.”  Twyla Tharp

I’m writing poetry in one of my classes.  It really is for geeks who like words.  But I like words so I guess that makes me a ______!  Not that I care what you think, but I do care what you read.  I sometimes feel like donkey on the Shrek movie with his hand up yelling “pick me, pick me,  oh oh pick me!”  This is the challenge of every artist, that people will like their work be it visual, musical, or even written.

I have learned that creating is at my very core.  And when I wasn’t creating I fell into a deep depression.  Some called it post-partum (maybe) or seasonal affective disorder (could be) but I think it had to do with no time for my soul.  My soul is happiest (dare I use the word,) when I am being creative.  It gives me hope that there is more to life than routine!  My favorite complaint to my husband is “Is this all there is?” especially when I’ve spent the day cleaning the house, running errands, driving the kids around and then making lunches for the next day.  Surely you can understand.

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.”  Grace Hansen