The Menu

What a blast! This weekend I went on a retreat with T.   It was so much  fun going to Sunnybrae for the Creative Memories scrapbooking weekend put on by Lisa Beckner.  All these ladies with no distractions; crafting!  I am digital cause I can’t stand mess.  I’m a little neurotic sometimes in regards to clutter and besides I love to play on the computer.  However, I realized that I stared at a screen for 14 hours each day…now who’s brain is turning to mush?

The food at Sunnybrae is unbelievable.  This team of cooks and kitchen staff is amazing.  One girl has a passion for beautiful things so she is constantly decorating and designing the “decor” of the meals from the blackboard menu to autumn floral display.  This is my best shot for Monday, inspired by the food at Sunnybrae.

Bon apetite!