The Starbucks Way

Deep are the pockets,

Of those who enter in

They like to make their choices

Of liquid Italian sins

“What can I get started?”

Says an unbearably cheerful gal

knowing that she’s the giver

Of every mornings morale

Coffee brings such snobbery

There will be no Tim’s for them

They take their venti
bold and black

Both a.m. or p.m.

It’s called the Starbuck’s way

A religion of sort

Those who follow willingly

Have nothing bad to report

Once you know the lingo

Of how your latte is swirled

You can join the celebrities

And farmers from all over the world

The tall drinker will be modest

she definitely adds no-whip

and hope that no one hears or looks

At her ever e x p a n d i n g hip!

What would an iced coffee be

Without 4 pumps of conceit?

The answer really is so simple

the ever classic syrup treat

Relaxing to smooth jazz from Diana

Krawl around the room

sipping their skinny
grande macchiato

it’s all the coffee they ever want to consume.

By Wanda Vanderveen

copyright 2010 wandavanderveen.  Any reproduction in any part of form is strictly prohibited!