I’m taking a stats course this fall and surprisingly I’m enjoying it.  It has very little math in it and rather is explaining a lot of random phenomena that actually isn’t so random!  It proves that it was inevitable that one day I would be driving a mini-van, much to my disgust!!  Eventually I would be middle age with kids and needing the best form of transportation to get us all around.

I bought Wave  a button that said “wherever you go, there you are.”  I love that thought!  Last saturday in church there I was observing my son sitting with a girl in the youth group section.  When did he get old enough?!!!  So, here I am, moving on to the next stage of girlfriends and boyfriends, driving licenses, and (gulp) moving out.  The chances I would hit this milestone was pretty high.  So that brings me to my picture of Monday.  Life is full of probability.  It is bound to happen.

FYI – The coin flip has no reason to turn up heads even if you’ve flipped it 15 times and it came up tails!!!  It’s a fallacy to think that..but most people do – it’s intuitive, but false none the less.