Yesterday I endured a creative writing workshop that was like an American idol contest.  The past few workshops have been mild, encouraging, critical but never brutally honest.  That all ended yesterday.  After I picked up my beaten ego and brushed off my tattered manuscript from the floor, I reply “oh yah?”

On my way home from Kelowna at 9:30 pm in the car; my longest week-day on campus, I had lots of time to think on the writing class and the events that happened.  My knee jerk reaction was to put my pen away, clap my hands and announce that I’m never writing again.  But I’ve had some time to think and ponder.  Comments need to be allowed to simmer in the brain like stew.  They will soften over time and maybe even taste really good!  My teacher is NOT the only authority on good writing; even though she is published and has a phd in writing…  She is just one opinion and can offer words of wisdom.

Today, no pictures.  Only words.  May my words be my voice today.