I am sitting on the couch in the penthouse room of a lovely hotel overlooking Saskatoon.  It is very late and the golden city lights flash with life in the dark as cars are buzzing around the illuminated streets.

The past weekend has been exhausting, fun, exciting, and moving.  We had a birthday party for Wes, and wedding to go to, and lots of catching up with our “Saskatchewan family.”  None were related per se, but all were so very dear to us.  We have one more day to enjoy this province.

We drove by our old farm.  Of course I was judgemental of how they have taken care of the place and yet so glad to see what we had started still in momentum.  The trees that I had painstakingly watered with buckets during the drought years are finally taller than me!    Time has not stood still.  New owners, new projects, new priorities.  I drove away relieved and sad.  I expected to feel a stronger sense of belonging there. My children are eagerly awaiting for our report on the old place and the friends.  I will gladly tell them how good it was to see everyone and that the house is still standing.  Lucky for them though, they can miss the realization that where they once were no longer exists.  That moment in time has passed.  The grief was quick but necessary and that is why I came.  A reminder of the good choices we made as hard as they were.

Time to put the city and myself to bed.