The wedding we went to in Saskatchewan was so simple and beautiful.

I can’t stress that enough.   The richness of committment, second chances, and LOVE spoke in the vows made and the intimate size of the guests.   They didn’t need a grand ceremony or a full fledged band.   It was a beautiful day with saturated fall colors and decorations.

When an older couple gets remarried you know that you will see more than first love wedding jitters.  Not to belittle any newlyweds, but getting married as a mature man and wife is different.  I think they come into this union with much more knowledge about what it means to live and love together.  They know about the toothpaste tube being left and the laundry load being mixed dark and light.  But they still think that the wedding is worth it.  Saying I do publicly is worth it.  Making a formal commitment for everyone to see is worth it.  That is why we flew all the way to the prairies.

A toast to their marriage and the beauty of it all!  May their commitment be true and strong and bound by their Love.