Snowy mountain berries

Vernon finally had it’s first snowfall.  I don’t remember having this much snow last year.  I definitely was scrambling to find mitts, toques, boots etc…  Every year the week where fall crosses over into winter is chaos in our house.  It’s the week when the entrance way is trying to accommodate jean jackets, umbrellas, runners and ball caps as well as the winter boots, lost mittens, old scarfs and green roughrider toques.  There is not an entrance way in the world big enough to fit both seasons in, so I have to haul out the rubbermaid and switch over the winter storage to fall storage.  This event I put off until Wes has gone mad with the clutter and I can’t find my leather gloves.   For some reason I hate doing this.  I’ve always resisted changing seasons.  I like what I like to stay.  But I do love the snow…

Snow gives us the pretty hats it on the dead perennials and the icing on the red berries.  Beautiful.  Snow is magical.   Without having to move to Iceland we get to experience a whole new landscape. We can ski, toboggan, and ski-doo.  You certainly can’t roll around the ground in the dirt, but rolling on the snow is fine.  It also gives me something new to take pictures of!

The kids went tobogganing on a hillside this afternoon.  I didn’t join them…I haven’t found my ski-pants yet!  I’ll have to pull out one more rubbermaid.