Christmas lights up Emily!

So many things coming to a close soon.  I am so excited to finish this semester.  At some point you’ve just had enough stats! And then it’s Christmas time.  I plan on ordering online but my list of to-do’s just keeps getting longer. I have to remind myself to just breathe.  One step at a time.

Every year I have this big grand list of Christmas ideas, like baking some new exotic cookie or a unique photo shoot for the family.  This year it’s mint whoopie pies and creating this fantastic themed tree from Narnia.   You could say I’m a Chevy Chase of “Vanderveen family Christmas!”  (Watch ‘Christmas Vacation’ if you wonder what I’m talking about.)  Deep down I would really like a more meaningful experience.  One that means thinking of the less fortunate in our community but even that takes effort.

For now I’ll head to Walmart and get the advent calendars for the kids to count down the days till Santa comes.  Hopefully ‘she’ won’t forget her list.  This picture is my little niece at the Vernon Christmas Light up.  Through the eyes of a child…