The tree is lit and standing in our living room!

We picked up our tree from the local christmas tree farm.  It was nice to go to the same place again as last year.  Dare I say ritual!  The kids were commenting today that they are feeling that ‘home’ feeling.  That’s what happens when you repeat an important family holiday in the same place doing the same things.

I let the kids decide how they would decorate our tree.  2 of them wanted a traditional red and green tree and 2 wanted it to look white and blue.  So, we compromised and did both!  It always amazes me at how quickly the process is when there are 10 hands hanging the ornaments.  We did experience one outburst of tears but it was resolved peacefully with no shoving or hitting.  I guess this year’s Christmas tree decorating was a success!

It’s exam time for me and I’m feeling the crunch.  One more writing piece to hand in and 2 tests to study for….I feel a sore throat comin’ on…just in time for my birthday!

Guess what day it is?