Christmas has come and gone.  Some of our traditions had to change because Wes worked the whole time!  However it’s not so unlike having the chicken farm when he would have to ship or clean out barns.  I just wasn’t in the same house or yard for that matter!   But Vernon is surprising me with all sorts of fun outdoorsy things to do.  Of course there is skiing up at Silver Star, which I love.  But hiking around Lavington is great fun as is skating on the outdoor rink there.

I am really surprised with how much joy I’ve had with one of my Christmas presents.  The family gave me an xbox game and so far I’m hooked.  I love drivin’ around the mazes and hangin’ out with the fam.  Don’t worry I’m not going to get soft.  I went to the gym first!

The New Year is coming soon.  I will post some new and exciting things I plan to do.  It’s like the first page of a new notebook waiting to be written in.  Don’t you love it?!

I’m still thinking about my word for 2011.  Are you?