Olliebolen - a dutch New Year tradition

Here it is.  2011.  I opened my eyes in the darkness this morning glad to be in bed.  My bed has always given me such joy and peace of mind.  As long as I have my comfy mattress and my duvet, along with my perfect pillow of course, I am happy!  The world could be turning upside down and the house chaotic with yelling, but if I am in my bed I honestly don’t care.  Wierd.  Which brings me to my word for 2011.  I want to have a thought encapsulated that will ground me, like a totem.  But something that will also push me out of my comfort zone to stretch me.  So…

My word is HOME.

I know, so simple and even a noun!  But over the course of the next posts I’ll explain why.  I might even shed some layers, not too many ’cause it is the internet, but I think it’s okay to give away some secrets if it will link some and resound with others.

My first premise is ‘home is not a place but a state of mind’.  This year I need to remember that when I am dissatisfied with my small kitchen that I can still make it home.

What’s your word?  I’d love to know!  Leave a comment and I’ll reply…I promise.