University has started again.  I had two great classes this morning.  Writing and Ethics in Business.  I looked out the window while I was in class and it started to snow great big flakes; it seemed the perfect way to start the winter semester.

Driving home I mused about the students I met.  They are in those self-identifing years where everything you do and who you are with MATTERS.  Of course this is retrospective because I didn’t know that when I was 20 my friends and family would leave a lasting imprint.  Then when I turned 30 reality crept into my thought life and  I became…stupider. (If that’s a word) It told me that the Jones’ matter and people are heartless and not to be trusted.  I don’t want to be young again.  Let’s get that straight.  But I would not like to be old yet.

I want to be a jewel, bright and shiny.