dark night
The Dark Night

How I’ve missed you blog!  Facebook status is just not enough to contain life.

I am so surprised by my math class.  I was very afraid.  Afraid like a deer meeting a hungry lion type of fear.  It’s been __ years since I computed algebra so you can understand.  However, I have a prof that writes REALLY BIG on the board so I feel like the math she’s teaching is kind of like elementary school math.  In fact, her class is almost like a breath of fresh air because the formulas are either right…or…wrong.  Black or white.  Yes or No.  I love it.

The other surprise is the snow here!  Last year there was none.  We never wore boots.  This year we have had piles and piles.  Unlike Saskatchewan weather, Okanagan snow is instantly snowman weather.  It rolls perfectly and melts on the road really quickly.  I love it.

My new favorite poem is by Dylan Thomas.

“Do No Go Gentle into That Good Night.”

Best line:           Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.

Aaahhhh.  It gives me energy.  What recharges you?