January Sunset

I took this picture one January afternoon from my window.  Who says only Saskatchewan has the sunsets?  I thought this was pretty cool.  It was a nice distraction from the mundane of University life and tests.

Because January is the month of new beginnings it was time to assess my word ‘home’.  Focusing on the bedroom, I think you can tell a lot about someone by what’s beside their bed.  So I thought I’d do an analysis of my bedside table.

1.  My ipod clock/stereo.  Love my ipod touch.  I “touch” it before I go to bed and update facebook and even play the odd stack game.  For years only Wes had an alarm clock on his side, but I took charge of my life and decided I need to wake myself up and got my own.  Especially when I started going to the gym at 6:15 am.

2.  My lamp – don’t need to say much about that.

3.  A self-help book – I confess I’m addicted to that kind of material.  Right now I’m reading “Quantum Wellness.”  It talks about the butterfly effect.  But often it’s the good ol’ Bible reminding me what to do on the table.

4.  A half – eaten chocolate bar.  Well, maybe it’s 3/4 eaten.  And yes, it’s replaced regularly.

5.  Hand cream.  Especially in the winter.  I’m also “clean hand” obsessive so my skin gets dry from all the washing.  My poor kids are the same way.

6.  a ponytail, nail clippers, and spare glasses.  Just a little of this and that.

I wonder what it says about me.  It seems to be my personal indulgence area.  My bed is my favorite place in our home so it only stands to reason that my bedside table is important.  ahhh…  time for a nap…