I’m sure that if I lived in California or Central America, or anywhere hot all year round I might easily take the sun’s rays for granted.  But up here in the North, particularly Canada, when February/March roll around we all crave the heat of the sun like a deprived addict.  It’s this deficiency that spurs us to take vacations to hot spots around the globe.  We will endure cramped seats, airplane food, delays in airports, work piling up, credit card debt and risk our own safety, just for a little sun.  And you’ll always hear us exclaim “It was SO worth it!”

I left for 2 weeks.  Mexico was fantastic.  The Mayan Riviera has those postcard beaches and turquoise water.   I tried really hard to stockpile the vitamin D.  We’ll see how long it will last.  I’m sure I’ll be good till summer; after all, it’s already March and spring is around the corner.