One word.  It has been following me around the web.  It seems wherever I go, there it is.  Eucharisteo.  Maybe I should pay attention.  What does eucharisteo mean?  In 3 words –  grace, thanksgiving, and joy.

Where have I been that I should find this word?  Well, most bloggers are looking through the cracks of the blog door at other bloggers.  This one I stumbled on and was very surprised.  Ann Voskamp’s page “A Holy Experience”   is very serene and raw at the same time.  (Click on the link and you’ll see for yourself!)  A facebook friend also exclaimed it at the end of her post and my eyes grabbed hold, especially since it’s a friend from far away.  This is not an easy word to overlook.

I’ve hesitated to include my spirituality on my blog because I’m so very bad at it.

Eucharisteo is the perfect way of being.  The example is for a Christian is found in Jesus.  My life revolves around discontentment and therefor a reason to get-going.  To be thankful and joyous…rare.  We moved a year and a half ago and I underestimated the toll on my life it would bring.  Especially my social networks.  Especially my christian social networks.

An old friend gave me good advice “Get a rock, Wanda.  And go sit on it everyday.”  So, I’ll try again.  We all need a center of gravity.  A place to go to when life is spinning.  I need a rock.  Maybe Eucharisteo.