On Saltspring Island last May, I found a pin for my kids that had this saying, “Where ever you go, there you are.”  I have never forgotten it.  I imagine the wooden spanking paddle we got from my husbands childhood whacking me on the backside and reminding  me to get back to where you are!  Things are tough in school right now and I am just crazy procrastinating!  I don’t mean to whine but calculus is really hard and time consuming.  Can you hear my voice getting higher and higher?  I was also sooo discouraged by all the students cheating on their last assignment, copying their friends to hand in at the end of class.  But enough whining now.

{Put on your big girl pants and start working!}

Despite the fact that I’ve wasted time I’ve found some great new blogs.  So I guess it wasn’t a complete waste.  Some are on home renovations and some on writing.  Chatting at the Sky and a Holy Experience are my two new favorite blogs.  Both women are writers, housewives, photographers, and believers.  Have you found any lately?  I’ll post some of their buttons soon.  For now it’s back to the books.