March is that go between month.  The month that is not quite spring but no longer winter, where the snow is gone but the grass isn’t green;  at least here in the Okanagan.  My university courses are wrapping up as well. I’ve never been strong at finishing things.  I consider myself a visionary, not a task do-er.  That’s a convenient cop-out, I know.  So I wonder if maybe I’m learning more about how to finish well~  what is not natural for me to do ~versus actually learning calculus!

The kids are home for the next two weeks for “spring break!” or as I call it “spring {break your momma and pappa week}!”  A few smart families have went on vacation unlike ourselves who went during MY spring break.

Words of the day – “just sayin‘”  defn.  A teenagers point of view.  I even catch myself saying this now!

This post looks a little rambled which is exactly what my brain feels like.  I think that March does that to most of us.  Just sayin.’