the grungy day

Today was Sunday so I indulged myself with time.  Time for a nap and to be in my house sweater.  My kids will always associate me at home in the house sweater.  The sweater that is oversized, warm and slouchy.  I don’t wear it out because it would be like wearing a towel while shopping.

We bought a house in a new neighborhood.  Surprise!  But we haven’t moved in yet because we’re renovating it first.  Yes, it’s risky that our house we live in won’t sell!  But, I’m not going to think about that.   I am very excited about this place.   I went by the new place today and met some neighbors.  Dog walkers.  You always meet them first.  Everyone wants to know who bought the place for sale so they were friendly.  I got a good feeling about this move.  Not that we don’t like the neighborhood we’re at.  In fact, we’re leaving behind a lot of good friends.  But, the new place has a huge yard and lots of rooms.  I’ll post some pic’s as the reno’s unfold.

It’s my grandma- in- law’s birthday today!  She’s 85!  Woo hoo!  Amazing.  And on the same day just a few years earlier my dad was born too.  He would have been 94 today.  I’ll let that sink in. 94!  Yes, he would have been old.  No he wasn’t this amazing fertile man.  I was adopted.  When my parents were old.  It’s quite a story and I’ll tell it some time if I can ever get this fear thing mastered.  Both my mom and dad have died.  I miss them quite a lot, but it is a gift that my memory of them is of their retirement years, not old in a bed years.  In his day my dad did lots of things and was known as a jack of all trades.  He began as a farmer so he had to know animals, crops, mechanics and home building.  My kids would have loved to hang out with him, but by the time they were old enough to know him he had left that life behind and lived in a senior’s home.  Now, all I have are stories.  Great stories.  I try to pass them on as I remember so to leave small imprints in their hearts.

Happy Birthday Dad and Oma!  I love you!