I have been blogging for about a year now and it’s been quite comfortable.  I can sit safely behind my computer in my pj’s and type the words in my heart for people to enjoy without seeing me in real life. Fear has a way of keeping us hidden.  And I’ve believed this was safe.  And then.  I get the nudge.  I’ve been avoiding this nudge for some time and have all sorts of excuses.  The nudge to be real and vulnerable and propose that I am deserving of a scholorship to a SheSpeaks Conference.  Even typing this I’m prepared to delete it.

But I didn’t.  ‘Cause you read it.

So if the Lord wants me to write and speak “in public.”  I’ll offer this post.

See I wouldn’t have minded just paying for the conference if I had known about it and then I only had to tell my family that I was going for a weekend and I could slip in the back door of the conference and be unnoticed and go on my safe, merry way, risking nothing.  But God didn’t allow me to do that.  I think he’s done with my excuses.   Instead I got sent an email right after I had my poems critiqued in my writing class.  I dismissed the email from Anne Voskamp as being just one of many she sends, then Emily sent me another one the next day.  Both of them encouraging women to embrace what God has called them to do and step out and take a risk.

If I get to go to this conference I know I’ll be a changed woman.  If I didn’t I can claim obedience.  And I think that’s the point.  I am a writer and now I have to share it.  It’s not just my baby.  It’s God’s gift.


Spinning around the cosmos

words, truths scattered in the stars

each pulling down to the earth

stretching like meteor showers

Who am I?

joining together as

red and gold ribbons

on a stick waving in the air.

They find a way into

my thoughts and dreams

shaping my moments,

Do you love me?

Precious moments

searing the heart with

pain and fortune

promising success

but leaving no map,

Where am I going?

It is the choices left

open to decide

that cause me to fall.

By Wanda

(I couldn’t figure out the formatting but it “looked” way nicer on my word processer!)

To end with I encourage you to check out the conference here and maybe God is prompting you to do something that scares you too!   If I can….