Mexican Catholic Church

I have been contemplating the things that have always challenged my beliefs.  You know, the things your parents taught you that you accepted for truths until you got older and put the truth to the test and it didn’t work.  This dissonance has caused me great angst over the years and sometimes made me feel like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other.  I’ve compiled a few here and I’m starting to feel like a whole person.  Not divided.  Whole.  It feels much better.  You might disagree with me on some so I challenge you to ask why?  Because of conviction or tradition?

  • I believe that I can have a glass of wine and give praise to God.  But I can’t have 4 glasses of wine and still be giving God glory.
  • I believe loving my neighbor can be done on the school board as well as the church board.
  • I believe that homeschoolers and outside schoolers should not cast judgement on each other.
  • I believe that we have far more in common than we do differences.  Let’s celebrate both.
  • I believe that everything I learned in psychology and sociology was already taught by Jesus when he preached.
  • I believe the Bible is perfect but often misunderstood and misread.
  • I believe that God loves and saves everyone just like he said.
  • Remember that fiction is not real.
  • I believe that to have a truly healthy inner spirit you need to have a healthy outer body.
  • I believe that God cares about how you spend money,  after all it’s his.
  • I believe that Jesus was the most important person to have ever lived and lived.
  • I believe that power comes from forgiving.
  • One thing I know for sure is we are not alone.  Praise God.

Any more to add?  Drop me a comment.