I walked out of the gym today, after writing my 3 hours long calculus final, into grey.  A typical Okanagan cloudy day.  I immediately called my husband on my little red blackberry  but before I could hardly say anything I burst into tears.  Now why would I do that?!  That feeling of emotion of completing something was so overwhelming that  I defaulted to my natural state – a blubbering mess.  But I got a hold of myself, told my husband how bad I had done on the test and felt much better.   I don’t think I even remembered driving home.

Now I get to fill my days with {whatever I want!}  Keeping in mind I have 4 kids, 1 dog, cat and bird, a house reno to finish and a husband who works shift work.  However, I will add a few hours to my day devoted to things like – writing, photography, and stretching.  I do intend to add lots of renovation pictures to give you before and after shots.  I think that’s always fun.  I am in the process of picking out everything.  It’s the very part of renovations that I love but hate.  The fear of making a mistake because I know very well that I won’t be changing my cabinets again any time soon!

Enjoy the weather.  Remember, even grey can be beautiful!