I sit on a cold rock this morning looking out over the Okanagan valley and Kalamalka lake.  I’ve been told it looks a lot like the California Napa valley with Mediterranean homes built up the side of the hill overlooking the ocean, but I’ve never been so I’ll just assume it true.   It’s beautiful this morning.  I know I look goofy with my purple mitts on and my green toque on but I don’t care, it’s cold.  I chose to walk Frank (the dog) this morning and ended up here.  I climbed the 2 sets of stairs to go up the mountain and felt the burning in my chest and the ache in my thighs as I slowed my pace up just the first 75 steps.  But oh that feeling of accomplishment once I got to the top and could gulp in air.  My bad haircut was long forgotten.

See, I looked in the mirror this morning and cried again as I witnessed the chopped layers and wondered, who was sporting that stupid, ugly, crazy ‘doo?  I mourned the miscommunication of me and the shearer!  I knew I needed to get outside and have a different perspective.  I needed to physically change my chemical makeup to get me out of the negative thoughts.  I felt bad.  Really, really bad.  All because of a haircut?  So off I went.

Sitting on the rock I pick out the prickly cactus from Franks foot and sit up tall and think about gratitude.  What I have to be thankful for.

  • the stairs on Middleton mountain
  • the tree buds emerging
  • Second son’s birthday this weekend
  • morning family devo’s at 7am
  • pretty barrettes
  • the fact that hair grows…
After a couple of minutes,  I get up and walk toward home on the gravely path with Frank sniffing every stump and marking every scent.  The reset button has been pushed and I can go on again.  That’s all I needed.  To be reset.
 It really is a Good Friday.