It seems that every where I turn something is being torn apart or re-done.  First off, I have undertaken re-doing my blog.  I hope to make it a bit more picture friendly.  This one is working great for writing but on the new blog I will be able to post multiple pictures and in collage views.  Sorry, it’s not done yet but soon I’ll post the new web address.

Secondly,  I bought a house and decided to renovate it.  Well, my husband and I did.  Mostly my idea.  And here I am once again saying “I’ll NEVER do this again.”  I find the process of decision making stressful.  Yes, it causes me angst picking paint colors and bathroom faucets.  If I did it for a living for other people, I think I would like to decide what style to decorate a room in.  But when it is for my own home, I am very aware that I will not be able to change my mind in the near future.  So what I pick…has to last.   We’re also in the thick of drywall dust and demolition.  It’s messy.  I don’t like this part.  Pushing through.  {sigh}

Enjoy some of these before pictures.  The process isn’t done so I can’t show you more.  Keep watching!