Cherry tree in bloom

This morning after the kids left for school, I went hunting for nests with little eggs in them.  Hopefully they would be blue with specks or some other neat colour.  No, I was not going to eat these eggs.  I was going to shoot them.  With my camera.  Son two, had been on a walk the day before and told me some birds were fighting over what he thought was a nest, so I went down the path to see, but alas, no nests.

I came home only to find my youngest in tears on the stairs because she had fallen on her bike on the way to school.   This was the first spring day that they were going to ride their bikes to school.  Son-two had asked a friend walking by to borrow his phone and call home.  I was out so dad went to pick up the kids at the bottom of the hill and bring em’ back, bikes and all in the truck. .  I quickly saw that this daughter needed more than a band-aid, even though she made a pretty good mess on her knee, she hurt her pride.

This youngest one is always chasing the rest, trying to keep up.  Gotta go quicker, harder, faster, be the best, look at me, did you see ME?

I’ll bet  you were scared when you fell?  Can you help me clean this?  Will this band-aid work?  You know we all wipe-out?  Even Dad!  You can try again.

You can try again.

I’ll have to go look for nest eggs again tomorrow.  Spring is still happening and there is plenty of time.

The Magnificent Magnolia Tree