It doesn’t take much for me to realize how fortunate I have it when my husband tells me stories from his work.  You know the guy who wears blue and comes into your grandma’s/uncle’s/sister’s room in the hospital to give meds or rub their legs for the swelling or ask how they are doing.  That’s my husband.  He’s the guy on the floor doing the work most people in society would rather pay someone to do.  But, he is not paid much.  Really.  But, together we think he is called to do this work,  and as a family we share him with those in need at the hospital fighting for their last breath or surrendering thier souls to heaven.  I am humbled when he tells me about the 60 year old, that will be dying soon of some fast acting cancer. Leaving a teenage child behind.  My trials and tribulation seem petty.  They are.

to look after orphans and widows in their distress…that is a pure and faultless faith that God accepts as real”  ( paraphrase mine) James 1:27

I don’t want to dismiss the real emotions and circumstances that I face, that many of us face.  I just need to realize that when the camera is pointing at my life I must keep perspective otherwise I may sink into a very large pity party where everyone is invited…and I am the star of the show!

As a photographer I also like to be the one taking the pictures.  Not taking pictures of ME.  Looking inward can stop me from assuming that the norm is ok when maybe it isn’t.  Self-reflection gets personal.  How are you doing?  Really.

My thankful list:

  • The color red on my new kitchen walls
  • soccer practice in the evening sunshine
  • supper made by man-son

Peace to you.