My BF and I are driving home from a ladies retreat in my little car admiring the mountainside;  tired, hungry, but still laughing.  We talk about how she just accepts things as they are and stays happy.  Her life is pretty simple.  We compare that to me.  The one who never accepts things as they are. ‘Just because’ never worked with me as a kid.   I was the first to ask why or are you sure…?

I went to this retreat because I knew that it is important to maintain connection with other women.  Since I moved to the okanagan I have been less than friendly.  In fact, I only knew two people at the retreat.  I now enter my discomfort zone.   It is so intimidating to walk into the lunch room, alone, grab your plate of food, sit down, alone, and act like you don’t care that no one is sitting with you.  Ha!  But, by the end of the weekend I did get to know my roomates better and some women that lounged on the dock with T and I.  Not a whole lot of ladies but some more names and faces to recognize when I step into church now.

Turns out that I was not alone.  At the sharing time a brave woman stood up and confessed that she was tired of being lonely despite being surrounded by co-workers, family, church friends.  She longed for real connection.  I estimate that at least 75% of the women there almost stood up and wanted to shout an amen or hug her!   There are so many sisters just waiting for an invite for coffee, or a hello, how are you?  But it takes courage.   I usually avoid contact with others so that I don’t have to feel the discomfort of rejection with eye-glances that mean they really don’t want to be there but they’re just being polite.  {sigh}

My goal is to step out of my comfort bubble and say hi to at least one person that I met this weekened when I’m at church.  It’s a small step I know.  But it’s a step.

I challenge you to step out of your comfortable routine.  Maybe there is someone at the perimeter of your social circle just wanting to chat?  Maybe there is a mom at soccer practice that sits near you.  Maybe it’s the women who you see with kids at the back of the church.  It’s easy to keep it the same.  But should we?

Drop me a comment if you’re going to take up my challenge!