As I’ve been packing I came across some old journals.  One was from the year 2000, so not too old but old enough to see a huge diference in what was on topic for me at the time.  I still had not yet had my fourth born, in fact I was pregnant – post Y2K!   It’s funny to look back from the future.  I’d like to tell myself that the baby was a girl!  And you’re going to name her Wynter.  She’ll be 2 weeks late and that crying over her lateness will not hurry it up any!

I confess I’m a sporadic journaller.  I have stops and starts from all over time periods of my life.  I also love journal books.  Each book has another little bit about me and what’s happened, then I’ll visit the craft fair and buy another handcrafted journal.  A collection.  Fact is, without the written record, I never would have remembered the kids exploring the dead calf and peeling it’s eyelids back. {I know! Farm Kids!} Or how Wave flushed 5 large expensive soaps down the toilet or that she told her teacher she wants to be me {her mommy} when she grows up.  The written word.  It’s irreplaceable.

Write it.  The mundane and inconsequential.  You never know how it’ll matter even just 11 years later.


We had a visitor yesterday.  Very Exciting.  A Huge Snake.  We still don’t know what kind it is but it is not a regular garder snake.  It seems to have made a home in our tree.

The snake visit
Our cat likes the snake

Here is the cat wanting to eat the snake.

Of course one of my children wanted to poke at it and see if it would move.

I’m happy to say we’re all okay.  The snake has done us no harm but I’d still like it to find a new home!