A friend once asked me what’s my daily routine.  You know, how do you get ready for the day?  Step by step.  All of us sitting around started talking about how they shower first then make coffee or brush their teeth before they comb their hair.  Random stuff.  Small stuff.  But I realized then that I don’t have a routine.  Every morning I change it up.  My routine is no routine.  I react to how I feel versus a habit.  This little idiosyncrisy has forced me to learn everything the hard way.  Like putting kids to bed.  Don’t skip ‘C’ if it comes after A and B just to get to D.  ABCD.  That’s the order.   I have had to force myself to create patterns and habits to add some sanity to being a mom and raising kids.  Teachers want agendas signed and notes sent back to the school.  What would I be like in my natural state?!

I think that’s why change is so hard.  Moving, new job, new home, loss of something.  The steady gets tipped and rocky.  We are wanting to move this week and the few routines I do have are literally gone.  {sigh} Next week I’ll be busy.

It was so hot today.  Love the okanagan sunshine and the warmth.  I love summer ’cause each day takes on it’s own little life with it’s own little moment of time.  Day after day.

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough of trouble of it’s own.”  Matt 6.34