The season is ending.  School is almost over and I have checking off all the events to finish.  June is the month of recitals, grads, wind-ups, and field trips.  I am very excited to be done driving!  Done driving to soccer practices and music lessons.  {sigh}  The kids are excited to be going to the next grade.  The highlight of June has got to be the ‘Mystery Jar’.  At the many wind-up fairs we went to you bought a ticket and drew a number to get one of the donated jars full of….’the mystery.’  Candy, twizzlers, gum, marshmallows.  Good stuff.  Whatever number you picked out of the bucket is the jar you received.  I am now going to use this for birthday parties and hostess gifts.  The whole concept harkens back to the days of goody bags at the co-op.  I loved the surprise of never knowing what you’re going to get.

The Mystery Jar

Ah well.  Let the summer days begin.  Days to schedule nothing except eating popsicles, and lying on the beach.