Our Canada Day Cake

Canada Day has come and gone and the summer has begun.  The first week of summer is always one filled with {I’m bored, what can we do?} but once the routine of doing nothing other than eating popsicles, bike riding, and going to the beach starts, all is well.  Today I sat on the deck reading my book, while watching my son give his friend a ride in the wagon behind the ride-on lawn mower.  This proves ANYTHING can become a motorized toy for a boy.

I also took Wave to camp for the week.  Eagle Bay Camp on the Shuswap.  This will be her 5th year going and likely her last as a camper.

Funny story.  We had to insure our trailer and fill out a form with a line on it asking for my “occupation.”  I hesitated a moment because how does one in my situation answer that.  So I simply responded “un-occupied.”  I mean really, can I say that I plan to occupy my time with a job that doesn’t pay me anything but gives me free time, beaches, book reading, cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with my family?

“Wanda, are you working this summer?”

I smile and shake my head.  Nope.  I don’t work.   In a world that values occupation and gives identity to those who contribute the economic engine, I’m swimming upstream right now.  Oh, well.   I’ll think on this while I weed my garden or eat watermelon.  Life’s too short to take anything too seriously.  Especially in the summer.  I hope you are relaxing today.

Enjoy the sun.