When I compare our daily chores here at our place it all seems so do-able compared to the daunting tasks we had on the farm.   Predictably it was never going to get done.  We said Saskatchewan is one-day country and it really was.  One day I’ll make that new flower bed.  One day I’ll clean out the abandoned shed.  One day we’ll go through the barn tools.  It never happened and no one expected it to.

I read Anne Voskamp’s blog and had such an unexpected pain of nostalgia for all things farm like.  The weather challenges, equipment breakdowns but mostly the family pull-togethers.  Why did we move from that life?  Oh yeah, I remember.

Saskatchewan broke record heat levels in 2007.  We lost thousands of birds.  Walking out of the humid barns, covered in dust and sweat, we pulled our face masks off and looked at each other.  Our eyes were red and heads hung low.  No relief for the birds.  But we tried!  Walking, pacing, spraying.  We were devastated.  The love of farming left us.  Left my husband most.  Months later after much prayer, we knew.  It was time to move on.  We did not forget to give thanks for all we had there.  We were thankful for everything.  

Today, I sip my drink chatting with my husband on the back deck, while he fixes the underground sprinkler. I ask him how he knows what to do.  He looks up and smiles, “I ran barns with water lines didn’t I?”   Oh, yeah. Nearby our kids jump and laugh on the trampoline and try new flips and tricks.  Everything overlaps.

“what has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again,

there is nothing new under the sun.”  Ecc. 1:9