The Arbutus tree, found only on the island

After much ado with packing and getting the trailor ready we have headed to Vancouver Island for a fun filled family vacation.  or something like that….

Why do the kids wait {in} the vehicle for at least 15 min. while we rush about getting last minute items?  Do they think we’ll leave them?

We are camping, exploring, eating yummy bush pies, and sitting around a fire.

I’ve had lots of thoughts on what to write in my blog but literally no opportunity to here in wi-fi no man’s land.  BC Provincial parks are amazing and true to nature but undeniably make you live right here and now in the real world with the port a potties and waterfalls hikes and shimery sunlight through the trees.  Feeling a little lost after being away from the internet we plunked down in the Comox Starbucks, and plugged in to the cyber world.  It’s a luxury to be able to drive 15 minutes and get to travel through worlds miles apart.

Our Ft. Langley coffee shop

I (we) learned how to surf on the Pacific Rim.  The town of Tofino is located at the furthest western point of Canada (I think!) and has waves from the pacific ocean to make them surf ready.  We decided to take lessons and had a blast.  The sun was warming our face and the wetsuit made us walk like penguins.  By the end my arms felt like lead and the salt no longer bothered my eyes.   Look out Hawaii, here come the 6 w’s!

Funny things I forgot:

  1. bug spray
  2. my swimsuit
  3. toilet paper
  4. dishsoap

Things I’ll remember:

  1. the colorful bracelets the girls made
  2. watching the kids in bright yellow shirts surfing
  3. listening to the kids giggle in bed
  4. the smell of campfire
  5. my lumpy bed

Thank you Lord, I am forever grateful for my rich life.