I call it the week of laugh-a-lot.  The week we spent together either as a family crammed in the truck like sardines or exploring BC.  This year was different. Somehow.

Every day from September to June the kids make their way to school, a world that tests their faith, challenges their belief systems, and makes them solidify who they are inside.  They come home each night after sports and music and make their way to bed.  But silently bonds have been made that were thick and  strong {tested} as we played this week.

Singing top 40 hits in the truck.  Reminiscing about Pike Lake teachers!  Teaching each other video games.  Navigating Victoria by a paper map – no gps for us!

Now I’m home and the trip seems so far away. ALREADY!  However, I know that its a little gift tucked in my memory box to bring out at Christmas 2016.  Won’t we laugh!