My first farmhouse built into the earth.
The earth farmhouse

My garage was still a bit full from the move so I have been listing things on kijiji to sell.  This free website is great if you don’t get any spam.  Which I did a month ago and it seriously blocked my email.  But it seems to be better now.

Yesterday a guy came to buy our freezer that I listed.  The house came with one so we didn’t need two.

Another sign that we are not farming.

I am sad to part with the prairie freezer that housed our beef and chicken that we raised.  Our first three cows were named Betty, Midge and Veronica.  Betty made it to the freezer first.  Midge and Veronica never did.  They were the “breeding stock.”

The fellow who came has a small chicken farm and raises roasters to sell to the public and needed more freezer room due to a backed out order.  Of course Wes chatted with him a long time.  Of course we took a drive the next day to see his place and get some birds.

With the windows rolled down on our truck, the wind blowing about our hair we meanered through the Falkland farmland.  Our dog Frank happily gulped air from the truck window looking like Chewy from Star Wars.

The chickens were running about the long grass.  The people were on the deck visiting.

The farmer greeted us with a smile, his white hair smooth and gentleness evident.

After a tour and talk,  a long talk, it was time to go.  We joked with him that we could have just done an exchange of birds for the freezer.  But I’m glad we didn’t because we made a new friend this way.  We saw new country.

He asked us if we missed farming.  We admitted we did.   But it’s not for us right now.  Not right now but we’ll be back.  He’s considering retiring but wonders if he could forget it.  I think it gets in your blood.

Why should I be surprised that a chicken farmer bought our freezer?  Of course he would.  Some might call it chance but I believe that chance  is awareness of the beauty of God’s hand in people.  Chance happens all the time but you have to open your eyes to look past the everyday moments to see the connections of people to each other.

I am so THANKFUL that  by the grace of God, he gave me this perfect encounter.   It was a beautiful day. I wonder if I’m going to need another freezer when I find that beef farmer next!

My prairie girl Wave