‘Tis the season.  Yes, ’tis the season of school supplies and backpacks and routines.  Oh how I crave routines again.  I mean I loved the long lazy summer days and the sippin’ slushy drinks and sleeping in.  But it’s TIME.

Often I’ve been asked what I’m going to get when I’m done school.  Yes, I have 2 years left of University.  At my age!  When I’m done, Lord willing, I will have an official bachelor of Business Management degree.  I say official because in many ways most of us are ‘managing’ ourselves and our kids just fine without a slip of paper or 4 years of university.

Before I was married I was registered in the Criminal Justice program at UCFV.

But instead I enrolled in an office/bookkeeping course.

Then a few years later and a few kids later, I was registered in the B. Education program.  I quickly switced back to criminal pscychology.  (I’m seeing a pattern here…)

But once again life happened and I began my own music teaching business. I also chose to homeschool my oldest son.  No regrets on that year for sure.  Loved every minute we spent together.

Yet another move and here I am finally finishing a very sensible degree program.

Don’t even get me started on all the careers that I ‘thought” I might like, or programs available.   So no wonder people are confused as to what degree I’m getting!!

Looking at this bio you might feel a bit sorry for this mixed up mom.  But I have always thought of myself as purposefully meandering.  You see I still had kept the main thing the main thing.   My faith and my family.  All along I wrote about life, wrote poems, songs, newsletters.  And all along I took pictures with my camera, exploring the beauty of the everyday.

I have a week until my classes start.  I am nervous again about being the old one in the class.  But I have to finish.  It’s humbling getting this opportunity to finish this passion.

I’ll be bringing this blog along for the ride.  Stay tuned.