I spent time today on a bench outside the EME building being warmed by the sun, and waving away hungry wasps dreading fall. The homework load is horrific and the subject matter hasn’t exactly caught my attention.  No humanities or creative writing this year.  So I looked around for beauty.   Have phone, have photos.

Complaints about homework, fuel prices, and un-fairness roll off my tongue and I must stop to say thanks.  Thanks for being alive and getting to endure such hardships.  Perspective can be found here in someone who’s real and doing life hard.  I eeked out a sob while reading this in the Starbucks line.  Just a little embarrassing.

The apples were made into applesauce.  The beauty of living in the Okangan.  Where neighbours and friends  give you bags and bags of fruit off their tree because it will rot otherwise.  Oh what Bounty.

I’m happy to have the cooler fall days.  It’s great to wear jeans again!

I wonder what’s making you feel deeply this fall?