I was in so close.  I was doing the motions, getting up by 6 to get ready for the day, get the kids off, drive in, juggle homework.  All the while knowing the list was NOT getting done.  And I couldn’t grasp it.  It was just fluttering by a string and the harder I tried to pull it in the further the list got and less it got done.

In photography we sometimes shoot macro.  In fact there is a macro lens.  It allows the photographer to zoom in and only see the desired object up close and clear.  The shots are beautiful and detailed.

But a good photographer knows that it can’t be the only lens.  Some of the best shots are taken when you look around for another angle, wider,  sideways.  A different perspective.

I put the brakes on our “plan.”  In fact if our plan was the bulls eye on the target, I shot up the whole target.  There is no more target.

My perspective has shifted since we initially decided how my husband and I were going to make life work.  I’ve looked around, wide around and even sideways.  There’s another path I’m walking on.  It’s not paved like the last one.  The management degree was so clean and crisp, but not me.  I’m messy and creative and artsy.

I can’t help it.  It’s how I’ve been created.  I like folksy things and photos and I ask why ALOT.

Until December I am not in university.  There was no chance to switch courses ’til January.  I’m okay with it.

I intend to explore more themes here on this blog and engage with you.  Get your perspective on things.  I sure appreciate the friendly comments I got last week when I was in turmoil.  Life is best shared.

These are pics of me sharing life with my cousins a couple of weekends ago.  We don’t get to see each other very often so it was a lot of fun to reconnect.

 Happy Thanksgiving from here in Canada!