I was my privilege to host Thanksgiving Dinner here in my home.  My husband’s family came over to partake and it was great to have everyone able to sit at one of the two tables in the dining room.  We only slightly overflowed into the living room.  There are 12 of us – and that’s only half of the relatives!

Knowing that the kids would be tempted to play video games all afternoon, I created a scavenger hunt for them.  You’d think the 16 year olds would be too cool, but they all got into it.  {I think they had a great time.}

Here are some scavenges:

  1. a piece of rotten fruit or vegetable (lots of that around)
  2. something silly (but not frankie the dog)
  3. a discarded Tim Horton or Starbucks coffee cup (this proved to be the hardest)
  4. 16 of anything (the age of my nephew and son, Oct. is b’day month)

Here are the scavenged goods....
There were 20 items in all.  They paired up and off they went.  The oldest team ‘won’ but everyone got candy.
We ended the afternoon by celebrating the boy’s birthday.  16 years ago my dear sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time and due within a week of each other.
The 16 year olds!
She had my nephew on Thanksgiving day -3 weeks early, and I proceeded to be 2 weeks late.  I cried when she phoned with the news because I was still big and round and full of hormones!  (The boy on the right is mine.)
Now here I am some 16 years later.
I’ve been on my knees with him, homeschooled him, hugged him, yelled at him, drove him to things, and tucked him in at night.  His very existence was life altering for me.  I was young and naive.  My firstborn.
"Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu"
I do not take for granted the blessing of his life in mine.