She plays Guitar

There were a few days this week that I got in the vehicle at after school and didn’t get out of the car, except to watch a game of some sort, until bedtime.  There are rare occasions that my husband works the evening shift from 3 – 11.  You’d think we’d be so happy about that time compared to a night shift.  But for a busy family – 3 pm is when life begins.  This week he worked all evening shifts.

So, I’ve been single parenting it this week, the sole taxi driver and fan club.  Ugghh.

I find it interesting to study the other parents at these events and I’ve come to some conclusions, albeit humorous ones. Perhaps you can relate.  There seems to be two types of Mom fans.

The serious, wear the face paint, cheering, walk up and down the field {ice rink} following the play, moms,  or the moms who sit and visit with other like minded moms and remember to look up periodically so when junior asks if they ‘saw IT…’ they can reply with a “yeah, that was great!”

I enjoy watching the kids play but I really try to not take it too seriously.  By now, if I had the next Wayne Gretzky I’d know it.  So yes, I’m often chatting about what happened at the grocery store or how I intend to get in shape, with the mom next to me.

Mine is 51! Go Mauraders Go!

Years ago when I was in toastmasters a lady told me about her boys involved in the swim club.  I only had babies at the time, and she said that she has sacrificed so much time to get her boys where they are on the team.  But she said that it saved her kids from getting involved in drugs and alcohol because they were busy developing thier skills.  What about free time? or time playing with their friends in the neighbourhood?

Have you seen other kids out there lately?  No? That’s because they are all hooked to technology or at some extra-curricular activity of their own. When my kids have played on the street a retired neighbour will usually ask why aren’t they using the back yard?  They get the hint.

We only allow our kids in one sport at a time and they have to do music until grade 9.  It just so happens that there are FOUR of them!  and only two of us…

On the bright side of all this running around, I am getting great at driving and so very thankful for travel mugs full of hot mocha.