It has become a tradition that we take family pictures at fall.  When the kids were babies in Saskatchewan the moment the leaves turned color I would haul the kids out of school one morning to get the shot.  I had to act quickly there because fall was so short and unpredictable.  One good windy day and all the leaves were gone.  Just like that.

This place the leaves turn long and slow.  Allowing time to savour and enjoy the season.   It’s like a good meal shared with friends that gets eaten slowly and fills all your parts right up.

They are used to me taking pictures of them and know just what to do.

Since they were babies I’ve had them in front of my camera.  Playing with black and white film on my good old F80.  Shooting them in slide.  Finally switching to digital.  The kids were never perfectly posed with the pasted on smile.  That’s not real everyday.

Here are some digital tools I use:

  1. Lightroom for sure.  It handles all the developing I need to do.  I like how it’s opposite to the ‘darkroom’ that I worked in during highschool yearbook days.  An adobe product so there is also lots of tutorials on the web for it.
  2. Photoshop Elements.  For what I do it’s good enough.  Not the pro version but I can have fun with layers.  A great blogger has all sorts of tips on how to work it.  Check her out here.
  3. Nikon D90.  My very good model.  It requires certain lenses but they are easy enough to find.  I really want a D700 but I’ll have to wait on that one.
  4. Lenses – nikor 50 mm, 18 – 200 mm which I use the most.
  5. My epiphane bag – LOVE.
  6. my iphone – yes I give thanks everytime I’m out and about and can take a quick pic with it.  The resolutions all right and so many apps make great collages and neat tricks to it.
ewww, look at the bird poo… hence the reason why we never sat down on the dock!
While I was waiting in the music room for lessons to finish a mom and her 19 month old son were in there too.  His little red fuzzy GAP hoodie and navy blue track pants were so much like something my boys wore.  Wasn’t it only yesterday I was dressing them up?  {sigh}

My pictures freeze the time.  Time doesn’t wait or pause, it keeps marching and wanting us to live in it.

And for each moment I give thanks.
There is a group of people in this big ol’ world giving thanks and changing their outlook daily.  Feel free to check out Ann’s blog and join the change.