There is so much to write about when life is tough.  It’s when life is easy, simple, happy that my writing gets blocked.  That is the reason why my blogging has been very sparse.  I love to create on my blog, my own little slice of pie in the great big internet.  But since I withdrew from university this semester I am managing just fine.  There’s time for laundry, banking, sewing, decorating and driving kids that it seems kind of ho-hum.  My shadow girl is silent, biding her time.

She’s the one who usually juggles my committments and squeezes my creativity into the open.  She’s often courage.

Everyone has a shadow girl or shadow man.  We all do.  I  see her clearest when I do that hard thing.  Assert.  Share.  Ignore.  She can even be quite mean.  In my college days I told my friends that I admire mean girls.  They just thought I was rebelling but hindsight I see I really was just starting to like my shadow.  My mean girl.


I really got to writing when my son got into a scrap during PE last week.  He’s 16 and apparently some testosterone will get flowing during gym.  Unfortunately our son is a ‘take it till you snap’ kid so he finally got tired of the pushy kid and pushed back.  However, a face plant to the ground with a chipped tooth and mild concussion was not really expected.  They’ve since apologized and done as boys do.  Carry on.  I probably wrote 6 pages of my book that night.  And it wasn’t about the fight either.

the road to the bus each morning

Which brings me to my project for 2012.  I know it’s a bit early for 2012 but I am in the very baby stages of a writing project.  A book.  I’m scared even to admit it.  I’ve been looking through the book writing window since I read Emily of New Moon when I was 10, and now I’m opening the door slowly to this world.  Wish me luck!

November is here.  I’m going to use it to prep for the holidays and look for my shadow on those long sunlit morning walks.  And you?