gotta love the nail polish

I hear the piano being worked with fingers repeating the right hand, over and over.  Meanwhile the guitars are being played upstairs and downstairs with voices singing.  You could say it’s a musical night.  It’s actually the kids getting in one last weekend practice before the week starts.  Cacaphony really.  I’ve retreated to the office to write but the sound gets in anyways.

I have been busy changing up my blog and trying to accept what it is.  There are SO many great writers and interesting people out there in the blogosphere.  Beautiful.  Co-ordinated Blogs.  Mine is still a work in progress.

I have to daily hourly remind myself that focusing on others takes away from the purpose within me.

Do you do that too?  It’s so natural to see what others are doing, making, creating and feeling like yours is so much LESS.  My mother-in-law made a yummy cake tonight and I complimented her and she replied, “but it’s not as fluffy as yours.”  See how we do it!  Uggh.

The only way I know how to stop myself from comparing is by being here and being thankful here now.

I came upon this great renewer , aka furniture thrifter, that I think I’ll add to my reading list.  Meanwhile Emily will give me courage to make art and Ann will point me in the right direction.  C from The Kitchens Garden reminds me of our farm and past and keeps me grounded in organics.  I am so thankful for these ladies who inspire me to be better in real life.

It’s supposed to snow this week.  The season’s changing.  Better go get my winter boots!