My project for the last two weeks was my office.  I rearranged it first by moving the large computer hutch and bought a rug.  I dragged Wes to Walmart with me and we bought one.  Why couldn’t I do that myself?  I could but Wes just so happened to be hanging out with me getting groceries and such that I made him enter Wally Mart.

So now there is peace when I enter my den.  It is no longer a dungeon.

It looks welcoming and tidy.  I even went through a whole years worth of reciepts.  Do not attempt to do that at home unsupervised!  Might I suggest a monthly purge?

View from my hotel room for the ringette tournamentI’ve been very occupied with chaffeuring my kids around to thier final games of the season.  The boys all played great football and Wave’s volleyball team placed higher than they expected to so we’re happy.  I even took our youngest the first ringette icebreaker tournament of the season.  It was a long weekend of fun on the ice.

There are days when I wonder why I am sitting on cold bleachers and waiting in my vehicle trying to be happy?  Some people do not put their kids in team sports.  Why are we?  The lack of mental stimulation and pure grunt causes my thoughts to shrivel up and get grumpy.

Parents do for their kids either what they wished they could’ve had when they were younger OR what they enjoyed when they were young and want their kids to have the same opportunity.

We are mostly the latter.  I loved playing sports and so did Wes.  But I could walk to the rink, the school, the ball fields.  No driving required.

pre-game cheerIt’s how I look at it.  A chore.  Drudgery.  An opportunity to socialize with other parents. A chance to read.  A place to crochet.  It’s up to me.  It’s up to you.

Ringette Team 2011We’re driving home from basketball tonight and my daughter plus a friend who I was giving a ride home to, were happily chatting about the practice and the fun they had.  They started singing and dancing in thier seats, bopping to the music.  Wave exclaims she loves being on teams midway through and goes back to singing.  I drop off her friend and arrive safely home, driving into our garage. As I close the garage door and watch her bounce to the house, I smile inside.  Her happiness is mine.