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I wish you a very Merry Christmas.  

I pray that you will find LOVE in the day, either from the gifts you unwrap, the hugs you recieve or the cup of coffee you drink as you watch the kids unwrap presents.

I pray you will find HOPE in this season, that your sorrow is meant to grow a deeper appreciation for all that is good, and hope that what is in the present will not last forever.

I pray that you will find JOY, not happiness.  Happiness happens and Joy you look for.  That you will embrace Joy in the spilled milk on the floor, the muddy boots tracking in sand to be swept and the dishes to wash at the end of the Christmas meal.

I pray that you will find PEACE in the season that is often busiest of all.  Peace that allows you to stop and fully take in the chaos around tree and games at the table.  A peace that stills your fears and anxiety about cranky relatives and  dinners that make you do more than grin and bear it.

For Jesus came as a babe for the world that we might know His Love, Peace, Joy and Hope.   Blessings to you this christmas.