As I search the closet for the leash I remember back to the farm when the dog was just ‘let out’ to do his business and where and when he ‘did it’ was not my problem.  I finally find the leash, not where it belongs, but on the hook under the 3 layers of jackets and off we go with the plastic baggie.

The air is crisp and Frankie pulls on the leash.  Every morning he needs to go for a walk and so do I.  There are no sidewalks in this neighborhood so we share the road.  The outside of houses have been renovated and are tidy.  Garbage is tucked away, mostly.  Most places are not new.  I feel so home.

I tell Wes, as we trudge up the path, that I am happy we live here.  Our place feels like home, mess and all.  He is glad.  It’s been 3 years of upheaval, first from moving from Saskatchewan and then twice here in the Okanagan.

That is why I called 2011 the year of finding Home.  And though home is a place it also is a attitude.  An attitude of peace.  One that doesn’t depend on where we live.  But I just couldn’t get to that feeling until we had a place to live that I could settle into!  Think Mavlov’s Hierarchy of needs, Psych 101.

We turn around the corner and say hi to my sister in law and she invites us in.  She’s just getting up and the coffee’s on.  Half an hour later we pack up Frankie and walk past the mailboxes to our place.

The travel trailer sits quiet in the driveway and the ski-doo is waiting on the flat deck to go for a ride.  Our footsteps are the only sign of life on the sift of driveway snow.  I click Frank off the leash and open the door and smell home.  Every house has a smell and there is still a faint scent of cooked food lingering from the last owner but not much.

I am living in a safe place to dream.  I can create stories and make photo’s in my office and then come out and fold laundry without losing creative energy.  {Deep sigh here.}

So whats up for 2012?  The tree is packed away and furniture is back in place.  It’s time to pick my word for the year.  This is the year of my VOICE.

I have to speak to be heard.  For so many years I have sat silent with all my stories.  Afraid of rejection.  Afraid of the truth and its power.

This is the year I find my VOICE.

Thank you so much for listening this far.  Actually you’re reading and I am writing but it’s likely better than me singing.  My quartet days are behind me.  Blogging has been such a great venue for me and a gift from God. Photography and Writing.

I have deep intention to be more faithful to writing my stories and my thoughts both in private and here.  I’d love to hear what way your 2012 is heading.  Intentionally picking a word is so much more motivating than resolutions.  It is all encompassing and flexible.  It’s like a GPS.  It sets you up with intention.  There is great power in speaking it.  Would you like to join me here?  Leave a comment and join the conversation.  Tell me what your word is for 2012.

Happy New Year